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SAR Fellow Deana Dartt Presents at College Arts Association Meeting

Feb 8, 2018

Dr. Deana Dartt, Anne Ray Scholar 2017-2018, will be presenting and discussing “Mapping the Camino Indigenous: Reclaiming the Road on our Terms” on February 21, 2018 at the College Art Association’s annual conference in Los Angeles.  Two other former Resident Scholars, Nancy Marie Mithlo and Amy Lonetree will join her on stage for the session on Visualizing Genocide: Retelling Native American Survival Through Art.

Dr. Dartt’s project at SAR, Negotiating the Master Narrative: Museums and the Indian/Californio Community of California’s Coast, involves revising her dissertation manuscript for publication with the University of Nebraska Press. The manuscript examines museum representations in California and addresses incongruities between the stories museums tell and those that are held within Native communities themselves.

SAR 2017-2018 Anne Ray Fellow Deana Dartt

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