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Registration Form for the Collections Care Course with Laura Elliff Cruz

Please note: this course is split into two Zoom classes and one in-person, hands-on learning session. There are three options for this three-class course.

(1) Package 1 (“Zoom only”): Join the first two classes hosted live ONLINE (Zoom) and receive a RECORDING OF THE IN-PERSON hands-on session in the IARC vaults. ($100 members/$150* for course and membership)

(2) Package 2 (“Zoom plus in-person, hands-on session”): Join the first two classes ONLINE (Zoom) and be present at the IN-PERSON hands-on session in the IARC vaults. ($150 members/$200* for course and membership)
This package is limited to 10 people due to capacity restrictions in the IARC vaults.

(3) Recordings: Pre-order the recordings of the three classes. ($50)


*Non-members of SAR will receive an Arroyo Hondo ($50) membership with their registration.

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