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Photography in Archaeological Research

Edited by Elmer Harp, Jr.

Contemporary archaeology is increasingly reliant upon photography as a working tool and as a medium for communicating the results of field research. The chapters in this book provide detailed, practical advice and information on photography in the field—from the air, underwater, and in the lab.

1975. 404 pp., 112 illustrations, 22 tables, notes, reference, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Bruce Bevan, Peter Dechert, Charles C. Di Peso, J. N. Hampton, Elmer Harp Jr., Otis Imboden Jr., Elizabeth K. Ralph, Jack N. Rinker, Donald M. Rosencrantz, Danger Sanger, Martin L. Scott, John Vickers, Julian H. Whittlesey, Richard S. Williams Jr.

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  1. The Objectives of Archaeological Photography
    Elmer Harp, Jr.
  2. Sensitive Materials, Photographic Equipment, and Permanence of the Photographic Record
    Martin L. Scott
  3. Photography in the Field
    Otis Imboden, Jr. and Jack N. Rinker
  4. Basic Considerations in the Use of Aerial Photography for Archaeological Research
    Elmer Harp, Jr.
  5. Environmental Analysis by Air Photo Interpretation
    Jack N. Rinker
  6. An Experiment in Multispectral Air Photography for Archaeological Research
    J. N. Hampton
  7. Problems of Site Photography
    Charles C. Di Peso
  8. Elevated and Airborne Photogrammetry and Stereo Photography
    Julian H. Whittlesey
  9. Underwater Photography and Photogrammetry
    Donald M. Rosencrantz
  10. Laboratory Photography
    David Sanger
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