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SAR Welcomes Two New Board Members

May 2, 2023

SAR Campus
The School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is pleased to welcome two new members to its board of directors: Larry Colton and Ed Gale.

President Michael F. Brown describes these additions to the board as evidence of SAR’s ongoing commitment to recruiting directors who bring the widest possible range of life experiences and professional accomplishments to the organization’s leadership team.

Learn more about each new board member in the bios below. A full list of SAR board members and their backgrounds can be found here.

Larry Colton

Larry is a fourth generation San Franciscan who spent the majority of his life in the Bay Area. His business life centered around meeting the risk management and insurance needs of non-profits and high-net-worth individuals throughout the country. His board involvement has primarily focused on the education, social services, environmental, social impact and healthcare sectors. He currently serves on the Eisenhower Medical Center Board of Directors, the Eisenhower Foundation, and the Caravanserai Project. He has a BA in communications from University of California, Berkeley. He and his husband, John, split their time between Santa Fe, Rancho Mirage, and Laguna Beach.

Ed Gale

Ed has been in Santa Fe since 2000 and is married to Maria Gale and they have two teenage children. He attended Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO, where he received his BA in selected studies, then the University of Northern Colorado for graduate studies in literature, and Southwestern College, where he earned his MA in counseling. Ed spent nearly 20 years in Minnesota, where he lived on and operated a family farm in the city of Minnetrista. While there, Ed served on the planning commission and was elected to two terms as a city councilor and one term as mayor. He served as chairman of the Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission, which reviewed, developed, and implemented park and trail master plans for the 50,000-acre regional park system in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. From 2004 to 2012, Ed was in private practice as a licensed mental health counselor in Santa Fe. Currently, Ed serves as president of the Gale Family Foundation, director of Superior Mineral Resources, LLC, and president of Gale Mineral Resources, LLC. He also serves on the boards of Santa Fe Prep and the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont (through June 2021).

About the School for Advanced Research (SAR): Founded in 1907, the School for Advanced Research (SAR) is one of North America’s preeminent independent institutes for the study of anthropology, related social sciences, and humanities. SAR is home to the Indian Arts Research Center, one of the nation’s most important Southwest Native American art research collections. Through prestigious scholar residency and artist fellowship programs, public programs, and SAR Press, SAR advances intellectual inquiry in order to better understand humankind in an increasingly global and interconnected world. Additional information on the work of our resident scholars and Native American artists is available on the SAR website, www.sarweb.org; on Facebook, facebook.com/schoolforadvancedresearch.org/; on Twitter, @schadvresearch; and on Instagram @schoolforadvancedresearch.

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