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New Perspectives on the Pueblos


Edited by Alfonso Ortiz

This volume, the result of an advanced seminar at the School of American Research, takes a fresh look at Pueblo Indian culture, with chapters on everything from language to religion, prehistory, ecology, and from literature to music. Alfonso Ortiz molded the work of a diverse set of contributors into a cohesive and comprehensive examination that is informative and enjoyable to the scholarly and lay reader alike. The results show that evidence for the diversity of origin for prehistoric Pueblo cultures seems greater than ever.

1972. 360 pp., figures, maps, tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Albert Alvarez, John J. Bodine, Fred Eggan, Richard I. Ford, Robin Fox, Kenneth Hale, Byron Harvey III, Louis A. Hieb, Alfonso Ortiz, Stewart L. Peckham, Don L. Roberts, Albert H. Schroeder, Dennis Tedlock

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  1. Introduction
    Alfonso Ortiz
  2. An Ecological Perspective on the Eastern Pueblos
    Richard I. Ford
  3. Three Perspectives on Puebloan Prehistory
    Richard I. Ford, Albert H. Schroeder, and Stewart L. Peckham
  4. Rio Grande Ethnohistory
    Albert H. Schroeder
  5. Some Unsolved Problems of Pueblo Social Organization
    Robin Fox
  6. A New Perspective on American Indian Linguistics
    Kenneth Hale, Appendix by Albert Alvarez
  7. Ritual Drama and the Pueblo World View
    Alfonso Ortiz
  8. Meaning and Mismeaning: Toward an Understanding of the Ritual Clown
    Louis A. Hieb
  9. An Overview of Pueblo Religion
    Byron Harvey, III
  10. Pueblo Literature: Style and Verisimilitude
    Dennis Tedlock
  11. The Ethnomusicology of the Eastern Pueblos
    Don L. Roberts
  12. Acculturation Processes and Population Dynamics
    John J. Bodine
  13. Summary
    Fred Eggan
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