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Mimbres Painted Pottery, Revised Edition


J. J. Brody

The Mimbres cultural florescence between about AD 1000 and AD 1140 remains one of the most visually astonishing and anthropologically intriguing questions in Southwest prehistory. In this revised edition, noted Mimbres scholar Dr. J. J. Brody incorporates the extensive fieldwork done since the original publication in 1977, updating his discussion of village life, the larger world in which the Mimbres people lived, and how the art that they practiced illuminates these wider issues. He addresses human and animal iconography, the importance of perspective and motion in perceiving Mimbres artistry, and the technology used to produce the ceramics.

This lively, engaging work will interest archaeologists, art historians, and all people who enjoy the beauty of Mimbres pottery. Featuring over one hundred new illustrations and insights drawn from a lifetime of study and contemplation, this book is much more than a revised edition; it establishes a new standard for the artistic interpretation of a classic Southwestern culture for the new century.

2005. 264 pp., 230 black-and-white and 20 color illustrations, 2 maps, 2 tables, notes, 2 appendies, references, index, 8 x 10

Contributors: J. J. Brody

Awards: 2005 Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award Winner

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“With this new edition of the Mimbres Painted Pottery, Brody has added a new tassel to the scholarly study of this fascinating Native American people.”
—Max Carocci, Goldsmiths College, The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

“J. J. Brody’s knowledge of and delight in Mimbres pottery shines through in this informative update of his classic 1977 book….It will not only be of interest to a general audience, but also serves as a reminder to archaeologists not to lose sight of the beauty of the artifacts they study.”
—Dr. Marit Munson, Trent University

“Not only are these new and original ideas, they are virtually the only ideas about Mimbres painting from someone qualified to evaluate and discuss the art….Every scholar who works on ancient Mimbres material must read and cite this book.”
—Dr. Patricia Gilman, University of Oklahoma

“[This edition] remains the single most comprehensive source on [Mimbres Painted Pottery] and an important addition to any library on Southwestern archaeology and American Indian Arts.”
—Barbara J. Mills, Journal of Anthropological Research Vol. 62 (2006)

“This updated study — with its authoritative text and several hundred color and black-and-white illustrations — is the first and last word on Mimbres art and civilization.”
—Bruce J. Dinges, The Journal of Arizona History (Summer 2006)

“[J. J.] Brody’s book remains an informative, well-written resource for anyone with an interest in these distinctive [Mimbres] pots or their makers.”
—Southwestern Mission Research Center vol. 39, no. 145, Winter 2005


  1. Discovery of the Mimbres
  2. The Mimbres in Their Place and Time
  3. Mimbres Village Life
  4. The Mimbres and Their Neighbors
  5. Inventing Mimbres Painted Pottery
  6. The Potters and Their Wares
  7. The Form and Structure of Mimbres Classic Black-on-White Pottery
  8. Representational Paintings
  9. Ethnoaesthetic and Other Aesthetic Consideration
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