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Methods and Theories of Anthropological Genetics


Edited by M. H. Crawford and P. L. Workman

This book deals with the methods and theories used to study variation within and among human populations, specifically looking at genetics research conducted in the 1960s and 1970s. It presents empirical support for many modern theories in population genetics and demography.

1973. 1973. 528 pp., 51 figures, 57 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Morris E. Albers, Jean Benoist, Michael H. Crawford, Eugene Giles, Henry Harpending, Nancy Howell, W. W. Howells, J. N. Hurd, Trefor Jenkins, Francis E. Johnston, Solomon H. Katz, Gabriel W. Lasker, G. F. Little, Frank B. Livingstone, Jean W. MacCluer, Kenneth Morgan, N. E. Morton, Russell M. Reid, D. F. Roberts, James N. Spuhler, Richard H. Ward, P. L. Workman

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Methods and Theories of Anthropological Genetics inquiry:

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  1. Anthropological Genetics: Problems And Pitfalls
    D. F. Roberts
  2. The Use Of Genetic Markers Of The Blood In The Study Of The Evolution Of Human Populations
    Michael H. Crawford
  3. Gene Frequency Differences In Human Populations: Some Problems Of Analysis And Interpretation
    Frank B. Livingstone
  4. Genetics Of Isolate Populations
    Jean Benoist
  5. Inbreeding In Human Populations
    Russell M. Reid
  6. Genetic Analyses Of Hybrid Populations
    P. L. Workman
  7. Human Genetic Distances And Human Mating Distances
    Gabriel W. Lasker
  8. Measures Of Population Distances
    W. W. Howells
  9. Genetic Distance Among Southern African Populations
    Henry Harpending And Trefor Jenkins
  10. Computer Simulation Of Demographic Processes
    Francis E. Johnston And Morris E. Albers
  11. Computer Simulation In Anthropology And Human Genetics
    Jean W. Maccluer
  12. The Feasibility Of Demographic Studies In &Quot;Anthropological&Quot; Populations
    Nancy Howell
  13. Historical Demography Of A Navajo Community
    Kenneth Morgan
  14. Pingelap And Mokil Atolls: A Problem In Population Structure
    N. E. Morton, J. N. Hurd, And G. F. Little
  15. Population Structure Of Micronesia
    N. E. Morton
  16. Some Aspects Of Genetic Structure In The Yanomama And Makiritare: Two Tribes Of Southern Venezuela
    Richard H. Ward
  17. Population Analyses In Oceania
    Eugene Giles
  18. Genetic Adaptation In Twentieth-Century Man
    Solomon H. Katz
  19. Anthropological Genetics: An Overview
    James N. Spuhler
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