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Late Lowland Maya Civilization

Classic to Postclassic

Edited by Jeremy A. Sabloff and E. Wyllys Andrews V

In light of new and expanding research, the contributors to this volume premise that the relationship of Classic to Postclassic in the Northern and Southern Maya Lowlands is much more complex than was traditionally thought. The essays offer a useful introduction to current thought regarding the development of Lowland Maya civilization after the collapse of the Classic Period in the South. The contributors hold diverse opinions, but work toward a restructuring of thinking on the Postclassic, and on directions for future research, with suggestions of specific sites, regions, periods and questions for study. The ideas presented here emphasize the long-overdue redress of domination of Maya studies by a Classic Period point of view.

1986. 540 pp., 39 figures, 7 maps, 12 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Anthony P. Andrews, E. Wyllys Andrews V., Joseph W. Ball, Fernando Robles Castellanos, Arlen F. Chase, Diane Z. Chase, David F. Freidel, Charles E. Lincoln, Arthur G. Miller, David M. Pendergast, Don S. Rice, Prudence M. Rice, Jeremy A. Sabloff, Gordon R. Willey

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  1. Introduction
    Jeremy A. Sabloff and E. Wyllys Andrews V
  2. The Postclassic of the Maya Lowlands: A Preliminary Overview
    Gordon R. Willey
  3. A Review and Synthesis of Recent Postclassic Archaeology in Northern Yucatan
    Fernando Robles C. and Anthony P. Andrews
  4. Time Depth or Vacuum: The Correlation and the Lowland Maya Postclassic
    Arlen F. Chase
  5. The Chronology of Chichen Itza: A Review of the Literature
    Charles E. Lincoln
  6. From the Maya margins: Images of Postclassic Power Politics
    Arthur G. Miller
  7. Stability Through Change: Lamanai, Belize, from the Ninth to the Seventeenth Century
    David M. Pendergast
  8. The Peten Postclassic: Perspectives from the Central Peten Lakes
    Prudence M. Rice
  9. The Peten Postclassic: A Settlement Perspective
    Don S. Rice
  10. Social and Political Organization in the Land of Cacao and Honey: Correlating the Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Postclassic Lowland Maya
    Diane Z. Chase
  11. Campeche, the Itza, and the Postclassic: A Study in Ethnohistorical Archaeology
    Joseph W. Ball
  12. Terminal Classic Lowland Maya: Successes, Failures, and Aftermaths
    David A. Freidel
  13. Classic to Postclassic: A Summary Discussion
    E. Wyllys Andrews V and Jeremy A. Sabloff

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