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Indian Painters of the Southwest

The Deep Remembering

Katherine L. Chase; Foreward by Diane Reyna

The book profiles ten outstanding painters representing seven different Pueblo Indian groups and the Navajo Nation who participated in a convocation at the Indian Arts Research Center at the SAR. While some artists have chosen to depict traditional scenes and symbols and others have chosen to create modern works influenced by Euro-American painting, all draw on the “deep remembering” of tribal heritage and personal experience and a heightened awareness of the artist’s role in more than one modern world.

2002. 96 pp., 51 paintings, 12 black-and-white and 32 color illustrations, reading list, 9 x 9

Contributors: Katherin L. Chase, Michael Kabotie, Janet Katoney, Linda Lomaheftewa, Felice Lucero, Marcellus Medina, Diane Reyna, Mateo Romero, Alex Seotewa, Emmi Whitehorse, Gary Yazzie

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  1. The Deep Remembering: A Convocation of Southwestern Indian Painters
  2. The Indian Painting Tradition in the Southwest
  3. The Artists

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