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Images That Move

Edited by Patricia Spyer and Mary Margaret Steedly

Images play a significant part in projects of “poetic world-making” and political transformation. They participate in the production of commensuration or of incommensurability, enact moments of prophecy or exposure, and attract or repel spectators’ attention. But any examination of images in motion must also recognize the blockages and breakdowns that prevent their movement, as well as the enframings or “stickinesses” that trap them in particular places and prevent them from reaching others. Images That Move explores topics ranging from high art to mass media, religious iconography to pornography, and popular photography to political cartoons in a range of contexts and media including photography in early twentieth-century China, art and literature in contemporary South Africa, upscale real estate development in India, occult media images and the aesthetic of appearance in urban Indonesia, and film censorship in Nigeria.

2013. 416 pp., color plates, figures, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Ernst van Alphen, Christiane Brosius, Steven C. Caton, Finbarr Barry Flood, Brian Larkin, Oliver Moore, Rosalind C. Morris, Christopher Pinney, Patricia Spyer, Mary Margaret Steedly

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Images That Move is a wonderful volume, full of surprises and illuminations. This represents the most current thinking about the anxieties, entanglements, and mobilizations in work on the circulation of culture as manifest in the complexities of the image.”
—Fred R. Myers, New York University

“This book will be most welcome for a field that is urgently in need of ways to conceptualize the crucial work of images in the formation of subjects, publics, and social imaginaries today. The essays are richly interdisciplinary, theoretically sophisticated, and varied in terms of geographical location, type of image, and theoretical approach.”
—Karen Strassler, Queens College of the City University of New York

Images That Move brings together some of the most prominent and interesting thinkers in visual culture studies and the anthropology of media and images. The contributors’ essays, without exception, offer extremely original materials and perspectives on images and are grounded in first-rate scholarship.”
—Kenneth M. George, author of Picturing Islam: Art and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld


  1. Introduction: Images That Move
    Patricia Spyer and Mary Margaret Steedly
  2. Inciting Modernity? Images, Alterities, and the Contexts of “Cartoon Wars”
    Finbarr Barry Flood
  3. The Enclave Gaze: Images and Imaginaries of Neoliberal Lifestyle in New Delhi
    Christiane Brosius
  4. Images without Borders: Violence, Visuality, and Landscape in Postwar Ambon, Indonesia
    Patricia Spyer
  5. Narrow Predictions and Retrospective Aura: Photographic Images and Experiences from China
    Oliver Moore
  6. “Augurs and Haruspices”: Photographic Practices and Publics in India, 1840–2008
    Christopher Pinney
  7. Two Masks: Images of Future History and the Posthuman in Postapartheid South Africa
    Rosalind C. Morris
  8. Explosions of Information, Implosions of Meaning, and the Release of Affects
    Ernst van Alphen
  9. Making Equivalence Happen: Commensuration and the Architecture of Circulation
    Brian Larkin
  10. Transparency and Apparition: Media Ghosts of Post–New Order Indonesia
    Mary Margaret Steedly
  11. From Lawrence of Arabia to Special Operations Forces: The “White Sheik” as a Modular Image in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture
    Steven C. Caton

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