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Louie García


Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellowship

The School for Advanced Research is pleased to welcome weaver Louie García as the 2012 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow. García is Tiwa and Piro Pueblo, from the Piro Manso Tiwa tribe of Guadalupe Pueblo in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Taught the art of weaving by his grandfather, García understands the importance of passing on his skills to future generations.

According to García:

Through my weaving, I remember my ancestors. I am grateful for the legacy they have left me and my hope is to see that this legacy continues to be appreciated and that future generations of Pueblo people will carry on this ancient tradition.

While at SAR, García intends to complete a 100% wool plaid blanket or manta woven in the traditional diamond and diagonal twill patterns, which are present on historic textiles. The project will include natural hand-spun Churro wool yarns, some of which will be dyed with indigo as was done in the past. In addition, García looks forward to utilizing the resources at SAR not only for himself, but also for his present and future Pueblo weaving students.

Louie García is the current president of the New Mexico Pueblo Fiber Arts Guild and teaches Pueblo weaving at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. In addition, he instructs an ongoing Pueblo men’s weaving class in Santa Clara Pueblo in an effort to help revive the art of growing cotton and weaving in Santa Clara. García holds a BA in Biology and Spanish and an MA in language literacy and sociocultural education. García will be in residence from June 15–August 15, 2012.

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