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Anne Ray Internship

In 2009, the IARC introduced the Anne Ray Internship, which allows the IARC to train two young professionals in the field of museum work and research. One position is open to a Native American individual, while the second position is available to any recent graduate or graduate student whose career plans focus on working with Native American collections. Both internships are made possible with the generous support of the Anne Ray Charitable Trust.

Today, interns spend half their time working on collections/registration projects and half of their time working on academic/programming projects. Interns will also have the opportunity to work with and be advised by the annual Anne Ray Resident Scholar.

2017-2018 – Samuel Villarreal Catanach
2017-2018 – Brenna Two Bears

2016-2017 – Nina Sanders
2016-2017 – Saeko Yamada

2015-2016 – Jennifer Himmelreich
2015-2016 – Annie Brooke Lang

2014–2015 – Katherine Barry
2014–2015 – Lilyan Jones

2013–2014 – Patricia Baudino
2013–2014 – Jordan Wilson

2012–2013 – Lisa Hsu Barrera
2012–2013 – Melvin Sarracino

2011–2012 – Jennifer McCarty
2011–2012 – Kelsey Potdevin

2010–2011 – Gloria Bell
2010–2011 – Teresa Montoya

2009–2010 – Dominic Henry


Sponsored by Anne Ray Charitable Trust.