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2008-2009 Interns

Jessica Metcalfe

2008-2009 Harvey W. Branigar, Jr. Native Intern

Jessica Metcalfe is the 2008 Harvey W. Branigar, Jr. Native Intern. A Ph.D. candidate in American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona, she is working on completing her dissertation, which focuses on Native clothing designers. Jessica writes:

“I hypothesize that contemporary Native designers continue the long tradition of incorporating the new with the old, and, in effect, creatively carry on their cultural traditions. Whether they update native clothing styles of the 1800s, or Indianize contemporary fashion, these designers explore how modern cuts and materials can be blended with traditional cultural design concepts and symbols to create unique, expertly constructed, artistic, and highly-valued garments.”

With interests in both academia and curating, Jessica hopes to eventually be granted a joint professor-curatorial appointment in a university or tribal college museum. She also hopes to increase appreciation and cross-cultural understanding of contemporary Native art and literature. During her time at IARC, she will work toward realizing these goals by splitting her time between collections and academic projects. Jessica will participate in SAR’s colloquium series, work on staff projects, as well as attend a professional conference during her tenure from September 2 through May 29.

Jessica has previously served as managing editor and contributor to Red Ink Magazine and as a course instructor in Studio Art, Art History, and Literature at Turtle Mountain Community College. She has presented at numerous national conferences and assisted with museum exhibitions. She holds a B.A. in Native American Studies from Dartmouth College and an M.A. in American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona. Jessica is Turtle Mountain Chippewa.

The Indian Arts Research Center is pleased to have Jessica Metcalfe as the 2008 Harvey W. Branigar, Jr. Native Intern.

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Jessica Metcalfe, 2008–2009 Harvey W. Branigar, Jr. Native Intern