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Explorations in Ethnoarchaeology

Edited by Richard A. Gould

By observing changes in ancient midden deposits, or modern waste, the ethnoarchaeologist is able to theorize about relationships between these material remains and the human behavior that produced them. The contributors to this book cover diverse societies and attempt to establish behavioral patterns from the study of what humans leave behind. The productive interaction between archaeology and ethnology demonstrates the effectiveness of ethnoarchaeological approaches in contexts from prehistoric to modern.

1978. 344 pp., 23 figures, 3 maps, 22 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Diane P. Gifford, Richard A. Gould, Frank Hole, Rhys Jones, Patrick V. Kirch, William L. Rathje, Michael B. Schiffer, Michael B. Stanislawski, Ruth Tringham

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Explorations in Ethnoarchaeology inquiry:

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  1. From Tasmania to Tucson: New Directions in Ethnoarchaeology
    Richard A. Gould
  2. Why Did the Tasmanians Stop Eating Fish?
    Rhys Jones
  3. Archaeological Ethnography… Because Sometimes It Is Better to Give than to Receive
    William L. Rathje
  4. Ethnoarchaeological Observations of Natural Processes Affecting Cultural Materials
    Diane P. Gifford
  5. Ethnoarchaeology and the Study of Agricultural Adaptation in the Humid Tropics
    Patrick V. Kirch
  6. Pastoral Nomadism in Western Iran
    Frank Hole
  7. Experimentation, Ethnoarchaeology, and the Leapfrogs in Archaeological Methodology
    Ruth Tringham
  8. If Pots Were Mortal
    Michael B. Stanislawski
  9. Methodological Issues in Ethnoarchaeology
    Michael B. Schiffer
  10. Beyond Analogy in Ethnoarchaeology
    Richard A. Gould
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