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Entrepreneurs in Cultural Context

Edited by Sidney M. Greenfield, Arnold Strickon, and Robert T. Aubey

This book is a collection of essays on business behavior that examine the relationships between business enterprises and family networks. The essays deal with universal subjects that describe the effects of marriage, death, and birth upon the individual and corporate enterprise.

1979. 388 pp., 3 maps, 6 figures, 22 tables, 3 appendices, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Robert T. Aubey, Burton Benedict, Jack Blicksilver, William P. Glade, Gerald L. Gold, Sidney M. Greenfield, Norman Long, Morthon Rothstein, Harry W. Strachan, Arnold Strickon

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  1. Studies in Entrepreneurial Behavior: A Review and Introduction
    Sidney M. Greenfield, Arnold Strickon, Robert T. Aubey, And Morton Rothstein
  2. Entrepreneurship and Dynasty Building in the Portuguese Empire in the Seventeenth Century: The Career of Salvador Correia de Si e Benavides
    Sidney M. Greenfield
  3. The Changing Social Networks and Investment Behavior of a Slaveholding Elite in the Ante Bellum South: Some Natchez “Nabobs,” 1800-1860
    Morton Rothstein
  4. Kinship and Friendship in the Emergence of a Family-Controlled Southern Enterprise: Life Insurance Company of Georgia, 1891-1950
    Jack Blicksilver
  5. Multiple Enterprise in the Central Highlands of Peru
    Norman Long
  6. Ethnicity and Entrepreneurship in Rural Wisconsin
    Arnold Strickon
  7. Entrepreneurship in the State Sector: CONASUPO of Mexico
    William P. Glade
  8. Capital Mobilization and Patterns of Business Ownership and Control in Latin America: The Case of Mexico
    Robert T. Aubey
  9. Nicaragua’s Grupos Econdmicos: Scope and Operations
    Harry W. Strachan
  10. Barley, Compadres, and Fiestas: Investment and Confidence in a Mexican Regional Elite
    Gerald L. Gold
  11. Family Firms and Firm Families: A Comparison of Indian, Chinese, and Creole Firms in Seychelles
    Burton Benedict
  12. Entrepreneurship and Social Change: Toward a Populational, Decision-Making Approach
    Sidney M. Greenfield And Arnold Stickon
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