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Ethnographic Issues

Edited by George E. Marcus

This book is a collection of essays focusing on the role that elites play in shaping modern societies. Critiquing the treatment accorded elites as subjects in recent Western social thought, the essays reflect upon past results and explore directions in the investigation of elite groups by anthropologists.

1983. 316 pp., 6 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: F. G. Bailey, Ronald Cohen, Carol J. Greenhouse, Edward C. Hansen, George E. Marcus, Timothy C. Parrish, Lloyd D. Rudolph, Susanne Hoeber Rudolph, Jane Schneider, Peter Schneider


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  1. “Elite” as a Concept, Theory, and Research Tradition
  2. A Review of Ethnographic Research on Elites in Complex Societies
  3. Elite Communities and Institutional Orders
    George E. Marcus
  4. Elite Theory and the Formation of Elites Among the Bura Intellectuals of Nigeria
    Ronald Cohen
  5. The Ordered World of the University Administrator
    F.G. Bailey
  6. Being and Doing: Competing Concepts of Elite Status in an American Suburb
    Carol J. Greenhouse
  7. The Reproduction of the Ruling Class in Latifundist Sicily, 1860-1920
    Jane and Peter Schneider
  8. The Dissolution of the Ruling Class in Twentieth- Century Sicily
    Peter and Jane Schneider
  9. Oligopolistic Competition Among State Elites in Princely India
    Lloyd D. and Susanne Hoeber Rudolph
  10. The Fiduciary Role in American Family Dynasties and Their Institutional Legacy: From the Law of Trusts to Trust in the Establishment
    George E. Marcus
  11. Elites Versus the State: Toward an Anthropological Contribution to the Study of Hegemonic Power in Capitalist Society
    Edward C. Hansen and Timothy C. Parrish
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