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Demographic Anthropology

Quantitative Approaches

Edited by Ezra B. W. Zubrow

The articles in this book explore relationships between demographic variables and culture, emphasizing cultural and biological structures and processes connected to population trends. In addition, the book covers topics dealing with sedentism, kinship, childhood marriage association, and stable and unstable economic growth.

1976. 320 pp., 30 figures, 66 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Albert J. Ammerman, Lewis R. Binford, L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, W. J. Chasko Jr., Eugene A. Hammel, David Hutchinson, William A. Longacre, James N. Spuhler, Diane K. Wagner, Kenneth Watcher, Arthur P. Wolf, Ezra B. W. Zubrow

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  1. Demographic Anthropology: An Introductory Analysis
    Ezra B.W. Zubrow
  2. Toward the Estimation of Population Growth in Old World Prehistory
    Albert J. Ammerman, L.L. Cavalli-Sforza, Diane K. Wagener
  3. Nunamiut Demographic History: A Provocative Case
    Lewis R. Binford and W.J. Chasko, Jr.
  4. The Matrilateral Implications of Structural Cross-Cousin Marriage
    Eugene A. Hammel
    Appendix: A Stochastic Simulation and Numerical Test of the Deterministic Model
    Eugene A. Hammel, David Hutchinson, and Kenneth Wachter
  5. Population Dynamics at the Grasshopper Pueblo, Arizona
    William A. Longacre
  6. The Maximum Opportunity for Natural Selection in Some Human Populations
    James N. Spuhler
  7. Childhood Association, Sexual Attraction, and Fertility in Taiwan
    Arthur P. Wolf
  8. Stability and Instability: A Problem in Long-Term Regional Growth
    Ezra B.W. Zubrow
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