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Cyborgs & Citadels

Anthropological Interventions in Emerging Sciences and Technologies

Edited by Gary Lee Downey and Joseph Dumit

Some of the country’s most influential thinkers use anthropological methods and theories to examine the practices and practitioners of contemporary science, technology, and medicine in the United States. The authors explore such questions as how science gains authority to direct truth practices, the boundaries between humans and machines, and how science, technology, and medicine contribute to the fashioning of selves.

1998. 318 pp., 2 black-and-white illustrations, table, notes, appendix, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Gary Lee Downey, Joseph Dumit, Donna Haraway, Deborah Heath, David J. Hess, Frederick Klemmer, Juan C. Lucena, Emily Martin, Laury Oaks, Paul Rabinow, Rayna Rapp, Karen-Sue Taussig, Sharon Traweek, Ariane Van Der Straten, Sarah Williams

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“A collection of first-order significance. Virtually all of the US scholars who have pioneered anthropology’s entry into the arena of science and technology studies are included. This will certainly be a landmark publication for anthropologists.”
—George Marcus

“….a groundbreaking collection, and an indispensable book for anyone interested in the anthropology of scientific and technological worlds.”
—Ethnos, 1990


  1. Locating and Intervening: An Introduction
    Gary Lee Downey and Joseph Dumit
  2. Real-Time Fetus: The Role of the Sonogram in the Age of Monitored Reproduction
    Rayna Rapp
  3. AIDS, Knowledge, and Discrimination in the Inner City: An Anthropological Analysis of the Experience of Injection Drug Users
    Emily Martin, Laury Oaks, Karen-Sue Taussig, and Ariane van der Straten
  4. Bodies, Antibodies, and Modest Interventions
    Deborah Heath
  5. A Digital Image of the Category of the Person: PET Scanning and Objective Self-Fashioning
    Joseph Dumit
  6. Iconic Devices: Toward an Ethnography of Physics Images
    Sharon Traweek
  7. Engineering Selves: Hiring In to a Contested Field of Eduction
    Gary Lee Downey and Juan C. Lucena
  8. If You’re Thinking of Living in STS: A Guide for the Perplexed
    David J. Hess
  9. Ethnographic Fetishism or Cyborg Anthropology? Human Scientists, Rebellious Rats, and Their Mazes at El Delirio and in the Land of the Long White Cloud
    Sarah Williams, with Frederick Klemmer
  10. Science as a practice: The Higher Indifference and Mediated Curiosity
    Paul Rabinow
  11. Mice into Wormholes: A Comment on the Nature of No Nature
    Donna J. Haraway
  12. Corridor Talk
    Gary Lee Downey, Joseph Dumit, and Sharon Traweek

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