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Critical Anthropology Now

Unexpected Contexts, Shifting Constituencies, Changing Agendas

Edited by George E. Marcus

Building on the legacy of Writing Culture, Critical Anthropology Now vividly represents the changing nature of anthropological research practice, demonstrating how new and more complicated locations of research – from the boardrooms of multinational corporations to the chat rooms of the Internet – are giving rise to shifts in the character of fieldwork and fieldworker.

1999. 456 pp., notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Donald Brenneis, T. David Brent, James D. Faubion, Michael M. J. Fischer, Kim Fortun, Peter Dobkin Hall, George E. Marcus, Sherry B. Ortner, Paul Rabinow, Judith Stacey

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“….a fascinating collection….effectively supplements debates originating with Writing Culture and should provide plenty of food for thought in a variety of fields.”
—Dr. K. Sivaramakrishnan, Anthropological Quarterly

  1. Critical Anthropology Now: An Introduction
    George E. Marcus
  2. Virtual Social Science and the Politics of Family Values
    Judith Stacey
  3. Generation X: Anthropology in a Media-Saturated World
    Sherry B. Ortner
  4. Figuring David Koresh
    James D. Faubion
  5. New Lexicon, Old Language: Negotiating the “Global” at the National Science Foundation
    Donald Brenneis
  6. Blurred Boundaries, Hybrids, and Changelings: The Fortunes of Nonprofit Organizations in the Late Twentieth Century
    Peter Dobkin Hall
  7. Locating Corporate Environmentalism: Synthetics, Implosion, and the Bhopal Diaster
    Kim Fortun
  8. Worlding Cyberspace: Toward a Critical Ethnography in Time, Space, and Theory
    Michael M.J. Fisher
  9. Ameican Moderns: On Sciences and Scientists
    Paul Rabinow
  10. Postmodernist Critique in the 1980s, Nuclear Diplomocy, and the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”; Probing Family Resemblances
    George E. Marcus
  11. Merchants in the Temple of Scholarship: The American University Press at Century’s End
    T. David Brent 

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