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Chan Chan

Andean Desert City

Edited by Michael E. Moseley and Kent C. Day

The fourteen essays in this book focus on the Chan Chan-Moche Valley Project and analyze its five-year archaeological study. It includes chapters on irrigation, excavation results, and sociopolitical organization during the Early Intermediate Period in Peru.

1982. 396 pp., 4 maps, 60 figures, 9 tables, glossary, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Garth Bawden, Geoffrey W. Conrad, Kent C. Day, Eric E. Deeds, Richard W. Keatinge, Alan Louis Kolata, Carol J. Mackey, Michael E. Moseley, Shelia G. Pozorski, Thomas Pozorski, John R. Topic Jr., Theresa Lange Topic, Alexandra M. Ulana Klymyshyn

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  1. Introduction: Human Exploitation and Organization on the North Andean Coast
    Michael E. Moseley
  2. The Land in Front of Chan Chan: Agrarian Expansion, Reform, and Collapse in the Moche Valley
    Michael E. Moseley and Eric E. Deeds
  3. Ciudadelas: Their Form and Function
    Kent C. Day
  4. Chronology and Settlement Growth at Chan Chan
    Alan Louis Kolata
  5. The Burial Platforms of Chan Chan: Some Social and Political Implications
    Geoffrey W. Conrad
  6. Elite Compounds in Chan Chan
    Alexandra M. Ulana Klymyshyn
  7. Lower-Class Social and Economic Organization at Chan Chan
    John R. Topic, Jr.
  8. Subsistence Systems in the Chimú State
    Shelia G. Pozorski
  9. The Chimú Empire in a Regional Perspective: Cultural Antecedents and Continuities
    Richard W. Keatinge
  10. Early Social Stratification and Subsistence Systems: The Caballo Muerto Complex
    Thomas Pozorski
  11. The Early Intermediate Period and Its Legacy
    Theresa Lange Topic
  12. Galindo: A Study in Cultural Transition During the Middle Horizon
    Garth Bawden
  13. The Middle Horizon as Viewed from the Moche Valley
    Carol J. Mackey
  14. Storage and Labor Service: A Production and Management Design for the Andean Area
    Kent C. Day
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