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SAR Impacts: The Psychology of Patriarchy

Dec 10, 2019

“SAR is a unique place in that it allows intellectualism to breathe. We’re trying to build a society where complex ideas can be discussed and exchanged. Complex issues need creativity to percolate in order to be solved in our fast-paced world.”
Adriana M. Manago, co-chair of
The Psychology of Patriarchy advanced seminar

Women of the World Unite, Cheryl Braganza, 2011

In a world where conversations are becoming more polarized, how do we find common ground? Regardless of where you stand, we face a crisis around the issue of public dialogue. When discourse is increasingly limited to headlines and sound bites, how do we promote informed conversations that lead to urgently needed solutions to the problems of our time?

In 2015, SAR hosted an advanced seminar, The Psychology of Patriarchy, that was co-chaired by Adriana M. Manago and Holly F. Mathews. The seminar brought together a cohort of international thinkers to discuss the emotional underpinnings of patriarchy and gender roles across diverse communities. The conversations shared by these talented women helped to focus their collective thought. Holly reflects upon her time at SAR and its power to move the group’s work forward:

The Psychology of Patriarchy, co-chaired by Adriana Manago and Holly F. Mathews, 2015.

“We couldn’t have done this project without the intensive seminar at SAR. If you’re going to have any kind of cutting-edge development, whether that’s discovering new information, making new breakthroughs, or new ideas for change, you have to have collaboration across disciplines. SAR’s seminar model provided us with the opportunity to synthesize ideas from a number of perspectives, which led to a whole new level of thinking about things in new ways.”

The seminar participants have just published their work with SAR Press. The book, The Psychology of Women under Patriarchy, shares the important outcomes of the seminar discussions with the public. The contributors, a diverse group of women scholars from multiple fields and varied backgrounds, provide a prime example of how combining interdisciplinary approaches, intensive research, and extended dialogue can address real-world problems. Adriana hopes that their book will inspire “anyone who is interested the roots of human motivation and the tenacity of cultural forms that have an impact all over the world.” See an excerpt of publication here.

Our world needs discussions like this more than ever before.

Today, critical social issues require systematic and collaborative efforts by people from different backgrounds and perspectives. When you support SAR, you are investing in the power of informed and respectful dialogue.

Here’s how you can help. Your contribution to SAR today will help foster a creative environment that brings global minds together in lively dialogue and empowers scholars to take these ideas back to their communities—making a better world for us all.

Your annual contributions to SAR inspire discussions that shed light on new ways of thinking. Through your support, you are promoting deep conversations, generating new knowledge, and fostering a more inclusive world. Your gift matters.

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Header Photo: Detail of Women of the World Unite, Cheryl Braganza, 2011. Cheryl Braganza (1945–2016) was a famous Montreal artist, poet, musician, and human rights activist. Her work and dedication for empowering girls, women, and minorities across the world continue to inspire new generations. Website: www.cherylbraganza.com. Photo courtesy of the authors.

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