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The School for Advanced Research (SAR) values every individual who works atresides on, or visits our campusSexual misconduct injures and demeans any person to whom it is directed. It destroys the scholarly and artistic environment that is essential to achieving SAR’s mission. Consequently, SAR does not tolerate any type of sexual misconduct in the workplace [or in any situation that is missionrelated (e.g., SAR sponsored activity or event.)] 

Sexual misconduct refers to verbal and physical sexual acts directed to a person through force or coercion; or where a person has not given consent, or is unable to give consent due to his or her use of alcohol or drugs, or disability or age.  It encompasses a range of behaviors, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, voyeurism, and any other conduct of a sexual nature that is nonconsensual or has the effect of threatening, intimidating, or coercing a person.  

SAR values the right of every person to enter our campus and experience an environment free from sexual misconduct. We encourage any person who has been affected by sexual violence to contact the following service providers:  

 SAR Staff: 

 Carol Sandoval, HR Director                                    sandoval@sarsf.org or 505-954-7221 

Alex Kalangis, VP for Finance and Administration    kalangis@sarsf.org 505-954-7226 

Michael F. Brown, President                                      mfbrown@sarsf.org 505-954-7211

 SAR Staff will make every effort to investigate and respond to any reported act of sexual misconduct on a timely basis according to its applicable policies.  However, any person affected by sexual violence seeking immediate attention or assistance is encouraged to contact law enforcement or one of the below listed agencies, who may be able to provide more immediate assistance than SAR Staff: 

 Law Enforcement: 

Santa Fe Police Department: 911 or 505-428-3710 

 Medical and 24 Hour Counseling Providers: 

Rape Crisis Center of Central NM             505-266-7711         rapecrisiscnm.org 

Solace Crisis Treatment Center                800-721-7273         https://www.findsolace.org/services 

SAR’s Policy Against Harassment