Sarah T. Bridges

Archaeology & Cultural Resource ManagementSAR Press PublicationArchaeology & Cultural Resource Management: Visions for the FutureBy most estimates, as much as 90 percent of the archaeology done in the United States today is carried out in the field of cultural resource management. The contributors hope that this book will serve as an impetus in American archaeology for dialogue and debate on how to make CRM projects and programs yield both better archaeology and better public policy.
2007, July 15–19
Advanced SeminarArchaeology and Public Policy: A New Vision for the FutureSince the 1960s, when Congress passed landmark laws providing protection for historic and prehistoric heritage in the United States, the discipline of archaeology has been engaged in serious debate about the goals of cultural resource management. This seminar continued that discussion and ultimately generated consensus on certain areas that need improvement within the profession of archaeology, such as an enhanced emphasis on public interest, heightened professional standards, and shared involvement of entities throughout the archaeological community.

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