Signed Copies

Signed copies are available for select SAR Press titles at no additional cost, though the value is definitely increased. These books were all signed by the author in the year of publication.

At the Hems of the Lowest Clouds At the Hems of the Lowest Clouds: Meditations on Navajo Landscapes Gloria J. Emerson; Forward by N. Scott Momaday Educated in the creative and enduring traditions of her Navajo kinspeople and at Harvard University, Gloria Emerson has a special interest in the field of American Indian aesthetics and in how landscape translates into art among native peoples....$14.95, Paper (Signed), 978-1-930618-23-7
El Delirio El Delirio: The Santa Fe World of Elizabeth White Gregor Stark and E. Catherine Rayne Amelia Elizabeth White (1878–1972) was born into an East Coast world of wealth and privilege. After serving as army nurses in Europe during World War I, she and her sister Martha chose to settle in the small town of Santa Fe, New Mexico....$19.95, Paper (Signed), 978-0-933452-52-7
Great Excavations Great Excavations: Tales of Early Southwestern Archaeology, 1888–1939Melinda Elliott The magnificent ruins of the prehistoric peoples of the American Southwest have always been a source of wonder and awe....$19.95, Paper (Signed), 978-0-933452-43-5
Half-Lives & Half-Truths Half-Lives & Half-Truths: Confronting the Radioactive Legacies of the Cold WarEdited by Barbara Rose Johnston The long Cold War of the twentieth century has ended, but only now are the poisonous legacies of that “first nuclear age” coming to light....$27.95, Paper (Signed), 978-1-930618-82-4
Mimbres Painted Pottery, Revised Edition Mimbres Painted Pottery, Revised Edition J. J. Brody This lively, engaging work will interest archaeologists, art historians, and all people who enjoy the beauty of Mimbres pottery....$39.95, Cloth (Signed), 978-1-930618-66-4$34.95, Paper (Signed), 978-1-930618-27-5
Painting the Underworld Sky Painting the Underworld Sky: Cultural Expression and Subversion in Art Mateo Romero, with a foreword by Suzan Shown HarjoPainter Mateo Romero uses a bold, muscular style and thick, expressive paint to expose the fault lines and tragedies afflicting Native people today....$34.95, Cloth (Signed), 978-1-930618-79-4$29.95, Paper (Signed), 978-1-930618-56-5
Talking with the Clay, 20th Anniversary Revised Edition Talking with the Clay, 20th Anniversary Revised Edition: The Art of Pueblo Pottery in the 21st Century Stephen TrimbleWhen you hold a Pueblo pot in your hands, you feel a tactile connection through the clay to the potter and to centuries of tradition. You will find no better guide to this feeling than Talking with the Clay....$24.95, Cloth (Signed), 978-1-930618-77-0
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