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Power, Economy, and Ideology

Edited by Timothy Earle

Chiefdoms1991. 358 pp., Figures, tables, maps, notes, references, index., 6 x 91991. 358 pp., Figures, tables, maps, notes, references, index., 6 x 9

The study of chiefdoms has moved from preoccupation with their formal characteristics to a concern with their dynamics as political institutions. The contributors to this volume are interested in how ruling elites retain power through control over production and exchange, and then legitimize that control through an elaborate ideology. These case studies look at particular chiefdoms, originating in specific historical conditions. Despite obvious differences between the chiefdoms, certain common underlying processes are revealed. The collection recognizes how complex and interdependent are the sources of power in society, as well as the forces of instability that constantly threaten to tear society apart. Chiefdoms offers a rich and varied interpretation of sociopolitical power.

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Contributors: Richard Bradley, Robert Drennan, Timothy Earle, Gary Feinman, Yale Ferguson, Antonio Gilman, Patrick Kirch, Kristian Kristiansen, Candelario Sáenz, Vincas P. Steponaitis

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