News for Thursday, June 29, 2017

Museums, Tribes, and Artists Working Together

Guidelines for Collaboration Vetting SessionGuidelines for Collaboration Vetting SessionGuidelines for Collaboration Vetting Session

In early June, museum professionals, Native American artists, and tribal representatives convened at SAR for a vetting session hosted by the Indian Arts Research Center and the National Museum of the American Indian. The twenty-five invitees engaged in a vetting exercise on a second set of guidelines developed by a core working group who have convened over the past three years to create Guidelines for Collaboration. 

The first document, Community + Museum, published on a new online resource, is designed for communities who wish to work with museums. The guidelines are focused on what museums might consider when engaging with communities. This initiative is driven by a movement in the field of museology where collaborative work with communities is central, providing guidance and new information about collections, and most importantly, influencing the ways museums steward collections. These guidelines are the first of their kind and are recognized as a valuable resource by tribes, universities, museums, and artists.

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