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THE SCHOOL FOR ADVANCED RESEARCH congratulates its 2004 Dubin Fellow Suzan Shown Harjo on receiving the 2014 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Suzan Shown HarjoSuzan Shown HarjoPhotograph by Katrina Lasko
Suzan Shown HarjoPhotograph by Katrina Lasko
2004 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellow Suzan Shown Harjo recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in a White House ceremony on November 24.

“Through her work in government and as the head of the National Congress of American Indians and the Morningstar Institute, she has helped preserve a million acres of Indian land; helped develop laws preserving tribal sovereignty; she’s repatriated sacred cultural items to tribes while expanding museums that celebrate Native life,” said President Barack Obama of the Cheyenne-Hodulgee Muscogee poet, writer and curator. “Because of Suzan, more young Native Americans are growing up with pride in their heritage and with faith in their future. And she’s taught all of us that Native values make Americans stronger.”

Harjo, who was in residence at SAR in 2004, concentrated on developing an oral history poetry collection while on campus. She recounted the peoples, ways, forces, and dynamics that brought about the repatriation law and policies (1967 to 1990).

SAR congratulates Suzan Shown Harjo on her receipt of the Presidental Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award that can be bestowed in the United States.

To learn more, go to  https://indiancountrytoday ... ite-house-ceremony-157992

To learn about Harjo's fellowship at SAR, visit ... kin_fellowship_recipients

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