News for Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Only Days Left to Fill the Tank

92% Full92% FullWe need you to help fuel the journey—please give to the Annual Fund today.92% FullWe need you to help fuel the journey—please give to the Annual Fund today.

SAR’s annual giving campaign for this fiscal year is drawing to a close, but we still have some distance to go to reach our goal and fund the activities central to our mission to provide a dynamic environment for the advanced study and communication of knowledge about human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression.

As a not-for-profit institution, SAR depends on gifts from individuals like you to do what we do best. Your contributions make possible our fellowship and seminar programs for artists and scholars, providing unstructured time and open space for creative and intellectual pursuits. Your unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund also provide for the regular care and maintenance required of our unique campus, a historic signature of the Santa Fe landscape and the tranquil setting for the scholarly and creative exploration that is SAR’s hallmark.

The Annual Fund also supports popular offerings such as the free Sparks lecture series that brings speakers to campus to talk about New Mexico’s history, culture, and environment, as well as our online educational service, Southwest Crossroads, which is heavily used by teachers and students across the region.

Dues from membership revenue partially support some of these activities (SAR’s outreach and education mission, for example, as well as SAR Press products), but the membership program itself has associated costs, from staff to facilities to books and informational materials such as the field trip brochure. (Because membership provides benefits, membership fees are not fully tax-deductible, while all gifts to the Annual Fund are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.)

Give to SAR

To everyone who has given to the Annual Fund already, thank you for helping fuel the journey this year. For those who haven’t yet made your contribution, please consider making your gift today, so we can continue exploring our yesterday and tomorrow.

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