Nancy Marie Mithlo

No Deal!SAR Press PublicationNo Deal!: Indigenous Arts and the Politics of PossessionNo Deal! encompasses a diverse group of artists, curators, art historians, and anthropologists from Australia and North America in order to investigate social relations of possession through the artifacts and motifs of Indigenous expressive culture. The contributors speak from the standpoints of Indigenous systems of knowledge as well as from western epistemologies and their institutions, interrogating what it means to “own culture.” The case studies in this volume contribute to notions of “ownership” and “possession” through the lens of art and its associated rights to production, circulation, performance, and representation.
Nancy Marie MithloAnne Ray Resident ScholarOf His Time: The Modernist Legacy of Kiowa Photographer Horace Poolaw
2009, November 16–20
IARC Seminar: Essential AestheticsIARC SeminarEssential Aesthetics: An Exploration of Contemporary Indigenous Art and IdentityThis seminar brought together scholars and artists to investigate the intersections between approaches to Indigeneity that emphasize an anti-essentialist analysis and those that rely on more traditional ideas of identity as tied to land, language, history, and community.
“Our Indian Princess”SAR Press Publication“Our Indian Princess”: Subverting the StereotypeIn this pathbreaking study, anthropologist Nancy Marie Mithlo examines the power of stereotypes, the utility of pan-Indianism, the significance of realist ideologies, and the employment of alterity in Native American arts.

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