John Walton

Small WorldsSAR Press PublicationSmall Worlds: Method, Meaning, & Narrative in MicrohistoryGrowing unease with grand theories of modernization and global integration brought twelve scholars from four disciplines to the School for Advanced Research for an experiment with the research genre known as microhistory. These authors now call for a return to narrative, detailed analysis on a small scale, and the search for unforeseen meanings embedded in cases.
2005, July 19–25
Short SeminarEvent, Place, and Narrative Craft: Method and Meaning in MicrohistoryThe research and writing genre known as microhistory provided this seminar a unique forum for cross-disciplinary discussion and experimentation with narrative styles; in locations ranging from West Africa, the Yucatán, medieval Italy, Argentina, and California, to Brazil, Virginia, Spain, and Boston, they showed how “small worlds” may conceal sweeping stories, rich in the details of daily life and capable of yielding unexpected depth of insight.

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