Documenting Collections and Artists: Using Oral History Methods in the Preservation of Artist Legacies

Rose T. Díaz

IARC Speaker Series, SAR Boardroom

Thursday, May 17, 2012, 2:00–5:00 pm, Free

Listen to an excerpt from this oral history workshop

Are you trying to create an oral history for works in your art collection or trying to document the works of a particular artist? This workshop, facilitated by renowned oral historian Dr. Rose Díaz, will provide a process for beginning your own oral history project. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas and questions to the workshop.

Rose T. Díaz holds a BS and PhD from Arizona State University and held numerous administrative, archival, and research positions in the UNM General Library from 1983 until her retirement in 2008. From 2001–2008, she directed the UNM Political Archives and became a founding member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress.

Rose DíazRose DíazRose Díaz

In 2008, Díaz founded Origins and Legacies Historical Services, a consulting firm focused on innovative public, private, political, and individual history, community, and archives projects. As a field professional, she facilitates workshops and training on public history and oral history for students, faculty, staff, and community, which include local, regional, and national associations, organizations, and academic institutions. Díaz also served as past president of both the national Oral History Association and the Southwest Oral History Association, on the board of directors for the National Council on Public History, and an adjunct faculty member in the Museum Studies Program at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) in Santa Fe.

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