Pecos Pueblo at the Beginning

Field Trip

Friday, April 5, 2013, 8:00 am–4:00 pm

Pecos Pueblo is one of the most historically significant sites in New Mexico. As the largest and easternmost of the Pueblo villages, by 1540 it was home to at least 2,000 inhabitants.

In 1915, Dr. A. V. Kidder, the acknowledged dean of Southwest archaeology, began a ten-year project at Pecos Pueblo. The intensive excavations were the first in the United States explicitly designed to demonstrate the value of scientific techniques for exploring the past. Kidder’s archaeology at Pecos and surrounding sites has long been the lens through which archaeologists and historians understand the long history of Rio Grande Pueblo peoples.

Join Judy Reed and Pecos National Historical Park volunteer Rudy Busé, who is Kidder’s grandson; and National Park Service curator Heather Young in a full-day exploration of villages ancestral to Pecos Pueblo. We will hike off-trail to visit both the Rowe Ruin and the Forked Lightning Pueblo—two pueblos that are not usually open to the public. We will also go behind the scenes to see the magnificent artifact collections at Pecos National Historical Park. Throughout the day, we will discuss the stories of how people came together at Pecos.

Video recording and editing by SAR volunteer John Sadd

Activity Level: Moderate, requires off-trail hiking to the Forked Lightning Ruin, approximately 1-mile roundtrip.

Cost (per person): $95, includes roundtrip transportation from SAR, entrance fees, and lunch.

Trip Registration: To ensure that field trip registration is equitable, SAR will be using a lottery system. Please send your field trip requests (PDF, 897 KB) by mail—postmarked no later than November 21, 2012. Do not send any trip payment with your lottery registration. A drawing will then be held for each trip, and members will be notified of the results by December 3, 2012. Please note that memberships at or above the Galisteo level receive advance registration.

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