Native Foods: Culinary Field Trip and Farm Tour

Chef Lois Ellen Frank; Clayton Brascoupe, Director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association; and Eremita and Margaret Campos’s family farm

Field Trip

Saturday, August 8, 2009, 8:00 am–3:00 pm

Native Foods: Culinary Field Trip and Farm TourNative Foods: Culinary Field Trip and Farm TourPhotography by Lois Ellen Frank.Native Foods: Culinary Field Trip and Farm TourPhotography by Lois Ellen Frank.

For those of you interested in cooking, gardening, savoring good food, and learning the history of the foods from this region, this is the trip for you. Spend a day during the peak of the harvest season visiting two farms along the northern Rio Grande. Native American culinary anthropologist, Native foods historian, and James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef Lois Ellen Frank will be our guide as we learn about the region’s history and the revitalization of traditional Native seeds, foods, and farming methods.

We start with a visit to Tesuque Pueblo. Clayton Brascoupe, Director of the Traditional Native American Farmers Association, will guide us through the Pueblo’s Native seed project. “We’re opposed to genetic engineering because there is potential for contamination with our traditional or heirloom crops,” he says. “Our work is to strengthen Native food traditions and defend our seeds from genetic engineering.” He aims with considerable success to restore traditional practices—gardens inter-planted with corn, squash, and beans. Brascoupe believes that the land is sacred, and he teaches several methods through which its integrity can be maintained: bio-intensive gardening that restores soil, and permaculture, a design system for creating sustainable human environments.

Traveling north, we will cross over the Rio Grande at Embudo Station and follow a country road up to the lush farm of Eremita and Margaret Campos. For over half a century, the Campos family has grown fruits and vegetables along the Rio Grande, including beans, many types of chile, eggplant, herbs, potatoes, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, broccoli, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, quince, nectarines, and more. The family has incorporated an outdoor kitchen as the centerpiece of their farm, where they conduct cooking classes. In addition to touring the farm, we will experience an adobe-oven culinary demonstration while our three-course lunch is prepared with freshly harvested foods from the Campos gardens.

Activity Level: Moderately Easy, includes short walks through two farms.
Please call the Membership Office at (505) 954-7203 if you are uncertain about your physical ability to participate.

Cost: $120 per person, includes guide honorariums, van transportation from SAR, and a gourmet outdoor lunch.

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