Susan Brown McGreevy

Research Associate
2004, June 20–22
Short SeminarEstablishing Identity: The Social and Political Life of the Chief White Antelope Blanket (Part I)This seminar included microscopic research and analysis regarding the Chief White Antelope blanket's physical properties as well as in-depth discussions about its Navajo origin, history, and social life.
Indian Basketry Artists of the SouthwestSAR Press PublicationIndian Basketry Artists of the Southwest: Deep Roots, New GrowthExploring the history and the current renaissance of basket making in the Native American Southwest, this lavishly illustrated volume features the work and words of the contemporary basket makers that participated in a Convocation at the School of American Research. The basket makers range in age from twenty-one to eighty-two and represent the Akimel O’odham, Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Tohono O’odham tribes.

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