Mindy Morgan

William Y. and Nettie K. Adams Summer Scholar


Anthropologists at Work: The Production and Reproduction of Anthropological Knowledge in Indians at Work, 1933–1945

Mindy MorganMindy MorganPhotograph by Jason S. Ordaz Mindy MorganPhotograph by Jason S. Ordaz 

While at SAR, Dr. Morgan will complete a journal-length article and draft a manuscript chapter concerning the production of expertise and the circulation of anthropological knowledge in Indians at Work, a magazine published by the Office of Indian Affairs from 1933–1945. The journal article addresses the ways in which anthropological expertise is produced and framed in Indians at Work, as well as exploring the evident tensions and strains regarding the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary indigenous communities. The book chapter investigates the varying ways indigenous cultures are represented by professional and amateur anthropologists within the periodical and the specific ways in which local community members contest these images. Dr. Morgan’s project contributes to critical scholarship regarding Americanist anthropology as well as emphasizing how engagements with various publics have shaped the discipline as a whole.

Affiliation at time of award:
Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University

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