J. Stephen Lansing

2009, September 26–October 2
Toward a Global Human HistoryAdvanced SeminarToward a Global Human History: Agency and the Explanation of Long-Term ChangeWhy do there appear to have been long periods of little change early in human archaeological history? Can we square such explanations with those we use to explain, say, the state?
2005, March 29–30
Short SeminarThe Cycles of Social and Environmental Complexity in Lowland Latin AmericaAs part of an ongoing institutional collaboration, SAR interim president George Gumerman co-chaired a March planning seminar with Santa Fe Institute (SFI) research professor J. Stephen Lansing.
Priests and Programmers by J. Stephen LansingJ. I. Staley PrizePriests and Programmers: Technologies of Power in the Engineered Landscape of Bali 

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