Rosemary A. Joyce

SAR Press - Disturbing BodiesSAR Press PublicationDisturbing Bodies: Perspectives on Forensic Anthropology

Although often considered narrowly in terms of its technical and methodological aspects, forensic practice draws upon multiple dimensions of anthropology, and this volume offers a range of anthropological perspectives on the work of exhumation and the attendant issues.

Things in Motion, Book CoverSAR Press PublicationThings in Motion: Object Itineraries in Anthropological Practice

Complementing the concept of object biography, the contributors to this volume use the complex construct of “itineraries” to trace the places in which objects come to rest or are active, the routes through which things circulate, and the means by which they are moved. The contributors advocate for a broader engagement with the mobility of things, from the point at which things emerge from source material to the organization of their manufacture and use, their subsequent movements as mediated by economic and ritual exchanges, their deposition in places that become archaeological sites, their emergence through research and subsequent curation in museum collections, and their circulation in the contemporary world, including through reproduction in other media. Ultimately, the contributors explore movement as a fundamental capacity of things and demonstrate the dynamic capacity of things in motion.

2012, May 8–9
Things in Motion: Object Histories, Biographies, and ItinerariesShort SeminarThings in Motion: Object Histories, Biographies, and ItinerariesObjects accrue histories as they move from place to place, person to person. This seminar explored how object histories may alternatively be viewed as “itineraries,” strings of places where objects come to rest or are active, the routes through which things circulate and the means by which they come to move.
2012, March 25–29
Disturbing Bodies: A Relational Exploration of Forensic Archaeological PracticeAdvanced SeminarDisturbing Bodies: A Relational Exploration of Forensic Archaeological PracticeThe aim of this seminar was to discuss the values and beliefs that underlie forensic exhumation, and to explore the tensions that arise in the practice of forensic archaeological work.
Enduring ConquestsSAR Press PublicationEnduring Conquests: Rethinking the Archaeology of Resistance to Spanish Colonialism in the AmericasEnduring Conquests presents new interpretations of Native American experiences under Spanish colonialism and challenges the reader to reexamine long-standing assumptions about the Spanish conquests of the Americas.
Memory WorkSAR Press PublicationMemory Work: Archaeologies of Material PracticesMemory making is a social practice that links people and things together across time and space and ultimately has material consequences. The intersection of matter and social practice becomes archaeologically visible through the deposits created during social activities. The contributors to this volume share a common goal to map out the different ways in which to study social memories in past societies programmatically and tangibly.
2005, February 16–18
Short SeminarThe Archaeology of Ritual, Memory, and MaterialityThis seminar explored innovative methods brought to bear on “purposeful deposits” from activities that arrange or order objects in the archaeological record—for instance, weapons hoards in Europe, dedicatory offerings in Pueblo buildings, and votive deposits in Maya temples.
1998, April 18–24
Advanced SeminarDoing Archaeology as a Feminist: Moving from Theory to PracticeIn April 1998, nine archaeologists, one historian, and a philosopher gathered for an advanced seminar on the implications of feminist commitments for the discipline of archaeology.

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