Roger Lancaster

New Landscapes of InequalitySAR Press PublicationNew Landscapes of Inequality: Neoliberalism and the Erosion of Democracy in AmericaFocusing on the United States, the contributors to this volume analyze how the globalization of newly untrammeled capitalism has exacerbated preexisting inequalities, how the retreat of the benevolent state and the rise of the punitive, imperial state are related, how poorly privatized welfare institutions provide services, how neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies are melding, and how recurrent moral panics misrepresent class, race, gendered, and sexual realities on the ground.
2006, March 12–16
Advanced SeminarThe New Landscapes of InequalityHow is neoliberal globalization reconfiguring inequality in the contemporary U.S.? This is the question addressed by ten scholars who gathered at the School for Advanced Research in March 2006. The goals of the Seminar were to explore shifting stratifications by race, class, gender, nationality, and sexual orientation while considering the evolving cultural formations that articulate, rationalize, and protest these shifts, including the new spatial dynamics of American inequality.

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