Richard M. Leventhal

A Catalyst for IdeasSAR Press PublicationA Catalyst for Ideas: Anthropological Archaeology and the Legacy of Douglas W. SchwartzIn his thirty-four years as president of the School of American Research, Douglas W. Schwartz's far-reaching vision placed SAR on the intellectual edge of research about humans across the globe. Nowhere is this more evident than in his influence on the field of anthropological archaeology.
2004, June 11–12
Short SeminarCenter for Digital Archaeology IIStephen Plog (University of Virginia) worked this year with SAR president Richard Leventhal on plans for an organization to support archaeologists who want to work extensively in the digital realm. The planning group for the proposed Center for Digital Archaeology met at SAR for short seminars in February and June.
2004, June 4–5
Short SeminarChaco Digital Initiative
2004, February 26–29
Short SeminarCenter for Digital Archaeology I
2003, December 6–7
Short SeminarArchaeological Investigations in Petén, Guatemala: The Waka Proposal
2003, November 14–15
Short SeminarCreating a New Framework for Renewing Indigenous Languages: Part II
2003, June 28–July 2
Short SeminarProspects for International Collaboration in Mesoamerican Studies
Lowland Maya Settlement PatternsSAR Press PublicationLowland Maya Settlement PatternsThis book is a series of essays that offers a framework for the study of lowland Maya settlement patterns, surveying the range of interpretive ideas about ancient Maya remains. Suggesting hypotheses to guide future research, the articles discuss historical, geographical, chronological, and theoretical matters.

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