Rebecca Bliege Bird

Why Forage?SAR Press PublicationWhy Forage?: Hunters and Gatherers in the Twenty-First Century

Why Forage? shows that hunting and gathering continues to be a viable and vibrant way of life even in the twenty-first century.

2013, May 5–9
21st-Century Hunting and Gathering: Foraging on a Transitional LandscapeAdvanced Seminar21st-Century Hunting and Gathering: Foraging on a Transitional LandscapeToday's foraging populations live on a transitional landscape, encountering and adapting to external impacts caused by local and global neighbors. This seminar explored answers to the question: Given all of the economic alternatives available to individuals in the 21st century, why do people around the world maintain hunting and gathering life-ways?
The Evolution of LeadershipSAR Press PublicationThe Evolution of Leadership: Transitions in Decision Making from Small-Scale to Middle-Range SocietiesThis book brings together the perspectives of cultural anthropologists and archaeologists to explore why and how leadership emerges and variously becomes institutionalized among disparate human societies.

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