Randall H. McGuire

2016, April 17–21
A World of Walls: Why Are We Building New Barriers to Divide Us?Advanced SeminarA World of Walls: Why Are We Building New Barriers to Divide Us?In the 21st century, walls appear to supply simple solutions to global problems of violence, human movement and crime. This seminar’s focus on walls offered a materialist emphasis that goes beyond the well-worn terrain of borders by bringing together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to explore key issues that wall construction provokes.
Hohokam MillenniumSAR Press PublicationThe Hohokam MillenniumThe mystery and the beauty of Hohokam civilization are the subjects of the essays in this volume. Written by archaeologists who have led the effort to excavate, record, and preserve the remnants of this ancient culture, the chapters illuminate the way the Hohokam organized their households and their communities, their sophisticated pottery and textiles, their irrigation system, the huge ballcourts and platform mounds they built, and much more.
Themes in Southwest PrehistorySAR Press PublicationThemes in Southwest PrehistoryTwo dozen leading archaeologists isolate a number of themes that were central to the process of increasing complexity in prehistoric Southwestern society, including increased food production, a greater degree of sedentism, and a dramatically increasing population.

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