Natasha Schüll

2014, October 7–9
Questioning the Global in Global PsychiatryShort SeminarQuestioning the “Global” in Global PsychiatryThis seminar worked to develop a complex and ethnographically grounded counter-narrative to that of the seemingly self-evident ascent of neurobiological psychiatry. Using analyses of the ways in which global psychiatry is responding to an expanding gap between clinical care and experimental laboratory research, and through the exploration of psychiatric conceptualizations of culture and its role in the genesis, expression, and treatment of mental illness, seminar participants focused on probing differences within global psychiatry.
Cash on the TableSAR Press PublicationCash on the Table: Markets, Values, and Moral EconomiesA great deal is at stake in understanding the moral dimensions of economic behavior and markets. Public debates over executive compensation, the fair trade movement, and recent academic inquiries into the limitations of rational-choice paradigms all point to the relevance of moral values in our economic decision-making processes. Moral values inform economic behavior.
Dr. Natasha Dow SchüllEthel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Summer ScholarPortraits of a Slot Machine Nation
Dr. Natasha Dow SchüllWeatherhead Resident ScholarLiving with the Machine: An Ethnography of Gambling Addiction in Las Vegas

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