The School for Advanced Research provides a dynamic environment for the advanced study and communication of knowledge about human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression.

Administration Building, Spring 2013Administration Building, Spring 2013Photograph by Jason S. OrdazAdministration Building, Spring 2013Photograph by Jason S. Ordaz

SAR draws upon its century-deep roots in the American Southwest, anthropology, and indigenous arts to present programs, publications and initiatives that impart the learning of social scientists, humanists, and artists to inform the thoughts and actions of scholars, artists, educators, and the interested public.

10 Year Vision Statement

SAR illuminates questions of fundamental human concern through research and dialogue among exceptional social scientists, artists, and humanists. We provide them with increasing opportunities to exert significant influence on academic, professional and public audiences through discourse, publications, and emerging communications technology.

SAR extends its reach by building innovative partnerships to promote an array of local, national, and international initiatives. Ultimately, we invigorate academic education and life-long learning among our diverse constituents by pursuing an ideal to unite research and creative expression in a distinctive school of knowledge.

The School for Advanced Research is deeply committed to the long-standing principle of academic freedom and will continue to accept applications from scholars world-wide for our fellowships and seminars. In addition, we are committed to the principle of peer review of all applications without regard to nationality, religion, race, sexual orientation, or other discriminating biases.