Mateo Romero

Painting the Underworld SkySAR Press PublicationPainting the Underworld Sky: Cultural Expression and Subversion in ArtPainter Mateo Romero uses a bold, muscular style and thick, expressive paint to expose the fault lines and tragedies afflicting Native people today. At the same time, he offers a meditation on the difficult yet artistically stimulating process of cultural diaspora and return in which he and many other Native artists are engaged.
2004, May 19–23
Short SeminarNative American IdentityThis seminar Seminar included valuable insights and contributions to the issue of Native American identity as noted through aspects of blood quantum, sovereignty, gambling, land allotment rights, ancestral and kinship concerns, art, and the environment.
Mateo RomeroRonald and Susan Dubin Artist
Indian Painters of the SouthwestSAR Press PublicationIndian Painters of the Southwest: The Deep RememberingThe book profiles ten outstanding painters representing seven different Pueblo Indian groups and the Navajo Nation who participated in a convocation at the Indian Arts Research Center at the SAR. While some artists have chosen to depict traditional scenes and symbols and others have chosen to create modern works influenced by Euro-American painting, all draw on the “deep remembering” of tribal heritage and personal experience and a heightened awareness of the artist’s role in more than one modern world.
1998, November 2–5
The Deep Remembering: The Art and Aesthetics of Southwest Indian PaintingIARC SeminarThe Deep Remembering: The Art and Aesthetics of Southwest Indian Painting“The Deep Remembering” brought together ten outstanding Native American artists from both traditional and contemporary schools of painting to discuss their inspirations, influences, marketing concerns, and evolving artistic directions.

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