Lynn M. Meskell

Memory WorkSAR Press PublicationMemory Work: Archaeologies of Material PracticesMemory making is a social practice that links people and things together across time and space and ultimately has material consequences. The intersection of matter and social practice becomes archaeologically visible through the deposits created during social activities. The contributors to this volume share a common goal to map out the different ways in which to study social memories in past societies programmatically and tangibly.
2004, March 4–8
Short SeminarMateriality in ArchaeologyA seminar of Columbia University graduate students chaired by associate professor of anthropology and former SAR resident scholar Lynn Meskell addressed “Materiality in Archaeology.”
2004, February 26–29
Short SeminarCenter for Digital Archaeology I
National Endowment for the Humanities Resident ScholarMaterial Biographies: Object Worlds from Ancient Egypt and Beyond

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