Linda M. Whiteford

2016, February 23–25
Innovative Approaches to the Global Water-Energy NexusResearch Team SeminarInnovative Approaches to the Global Water-Energy NexusWhile scientific assessments and engineering solutions are necessary to address coupled water and energy challenges, anthropological research increasingly demonstrates that cultural and political contexts must also be understood and integrated into long-term solutions. This seminar convened a panel of engineers and anthropologists which sought to break down these intellectual barriers and disciplinary silos, and expand on the emerging conceptual synthesis.
2012, April 10–11
The Role of Social Networks in Disaster Recovery in Mexico, Ecuador, and the U.S.Research Team SeminarThe Role of Social Networks in Disaster Recovery in Mexico, Ecuador, and the U.S.This seminar convened to more fully develop theory on collective action following extreme events, for which it is not only variation in networks that is important, but also the comparative or cultural context in which these networks are activated.
Global Health in Times of ViolenceSAR Press PublicationGlobal Health in Times of ViolenceOver 24 million people have died in these conflicts, and millions more suffered illness and injury. In this volume, leading scholars and practitioners examine the impact of structural, military, and communal violence on health, psychosocial well-being, and health care delivery. By investigating the fields of violence that define our modern world, the authors are able to provide alternative global health paradigms that can be used to develop more effective policies and programs.
2006, October 5–6
Global Health in the Time of ViolenceShort SeminarGlobal Health in the Time of ViolenceOver two days in October 2006, a group of medical anthropologists meeting at SAR discussed meanings of global health, manifestations of violence, and the ways health is affected by violence. “We addressed global forces, many of them shaped by neoliberal policies that create conditions of profound inequity, which in turn foster and sustain violence—whether physical, political, symbolic, or the structural violence of poverty, racism, and other forms of injustice and inequality,” reported organizers Barbara Rylko-Bauer, Linda Whiteford, and Paul Farmer, the 2006 J. I. Staley Prize winner.
Globalization, Water, & HealthSAR Press PublicationGlobalization, Water, & Health: Resource Management in Times of ScarcityThis book is about crime and passion, life and death, lofty goals and squalid realities. It is a book about water. Global disparities in health and access to water are two major threats to world stability.
2005, February 23–24
Short SeminarPublic EthnographyIn hopes of educating and moving the public to action, “Public Ethnography,” a short seminar chaired by Barbara Tedlock and Nancy Owen Lewis, developed a proposal for a book series on the topic that is “socially grounded and emotionally engaged, participatory, collaborative, and well-written.”

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