Catherine McElvain Library

Catherine McElvain LibraryCatherine McElvain LibraryPhotograph courtesy John KantnerCatherine McElvain LibraryPhotograph courtesy John KantnerNancy Owen LewisNancy Owen Lewis, Director of Scholar ProgramsSAR Research AssociateNancy Owen Lewis, Director of Scholar ProgramsSAR Research Associate

The Catherine McElvain Library opened in 1991. Its purpose is to serve the research needs of the staff, scholars, and artists through an active program of materials acquisition and library services. Because the Library has only limited seating and other resources, we ask SAR members, visiting scholars, and researchers who wish to use the collections to contact the librarian in advance and identify the purpose of their visit. Only residential fellows, staff, and SAR members may check out material. The library catalog is availabe online at

The Library has a strong basic anthropology collection with a concentration in reference materials, archaeology, ethnology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. The collection presently comprises approximately 50 current journal subscriptions and 8,600 books and manuscripts in the following areas:

  • General Anthropology
  • Anthropological Theory
  • Archaeology
    Method and Theory
    Southwestern United States
    Eastern and Southeastern United States
    Mexico and Mesoamerica
    Europe and Great Britain
  • Ethnology and History
    Southwestern United States
    Plains area
    Eastern United States
    Mexico and Mesoamerica
    Europe, Asia, and Oceania
  • Linguistics
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Southwest and New Mexico History
  • Biology and Geology (limited holdings)

For more information, contact us at library[at]