John Garcia

2011, October 21
Moccasin Maker Seminar Participants Wearing Their MoccasinsIARC SeminarMoccasin Seminar IIIThe six moccasin makers met at SAR on October 21, 2011 for another seminar to continue discussions on the collaborative project on Southwest moccasins.
2010, October 22–23
Moccasin Seminar IIIARC SeminarMoccasin Seminar IIThe moccasin makers convened again to begin discussing plans for the traveling banner exhibit on Southwest American Indian moccasins.
2009, February 20–21
Moccasin SeminarIARC SeminarMoccasin SeminarThe moccasin documentation seminar brought together Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache moccasin makers to discuss the IARC moccasin collection and learn from each other.

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