John Robb

Big Histories, Human LivesSAR Press PublicationBig Histories, Human Lives: Tackling Problems of Scale in ArchaeologyThe contributors consider something archaeologists seldom think about: the intersection of micro-scale human experience with large-scale and long-term histories.
2009, September 26–October 2
Toward a Global Human HistoryAdvanced SeminarToward a Global Human History: Agency and the Explanation of Long-Term ChangeWhy do there appear to have been long periods of little change early in human archaeological history? Can we square such explanations with those we use to explain, say, the state?
2008, September 11–12
Breathing New Life Into the Evidence of DeathShort SeminarBreathing New Life Into the Evidence of DeathThis seminar gave various bioarchaeologists the opportunity to discuss their most up-to-date methods and theories regarding mortuary evidence.

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