Jean Lave

History in PersonSAR Press PublicationHistory in Person: Enduring Struggles, Contentious Practice, Intimate IdentitiesExtended conflict situations in Northern Ireland or South Africa, the local effects of the rise of multinational corporations, and conflicts in workplaces, households, and academic fields are all crucibles for the forging of identities. In this volume, the authors bring their research to bear on enduring struggles and the practices of identity within those struggles. This collection of essays explores the innermost, generative aspects of subjects as social, cultural, and historical beings and raises serious questions about long-term conflicts and sustained identities in the world today.
1995, October 8–12
Advanced SeminarHistory in Person: The Mutual Constitution of Endemic Struggles and Enduring IdentitiesAll over the world there are places where social relations and the persons situated in them are disputed, unsettled, unresolved, "unfinished." This seminar examined the relationships between these enduring social struggles and the identities that are forged in them.

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